Air Filter Maintenance and Failures


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Air Filter Maintenance and Failures

The air filter is responsible for cleaning the air entering the engine. Air filter maintenance is very important for a healthier engine.

One of the issues that drivers focus on is the fuel performance of the vehicle. Air filter maintenance is closely related to fuel performance. For these reasons, the maintenance of the air filter should be done periodically.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

There are many filters in vehicles such as oil, pollen, fuel, air filters. If these filters get old or deformed, the vehicle will experience performance losses.

The job of the air filter is to filter the air taken into the combustion chamber of the engine. This prevents the entry of foreign objects into the room. In addition, because cleaner air enters the engine, the vehicle runs more efficiently.

How Often Is Air Filter Maintenance Done?

There is no clear answer to this question. Because the make, model, terms of use and age of each vehicle are different. These factors determine the vehicle’s air filter maintenance frequency.

For example, the situation changes if the vehicle is exposed to a lot of dust and mud, or if the mileage is high. The necessary information on this subject is included in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Importance of Air Filter Maintenance

The maintenance of the air filter is effective in terms of fuel consumption. It is also an important point in terms of maintaining engine condition.

Because it cleans the air going to the engine. Thanks to the air filter, the air going to the engine is filtered and the engine works more efficiently. It also extends the life of the engine.

Quality of Air Filter

Air filters are generally of two types. The filters used as standard are paper-based and get dirty in a shorter time. The performance filter, on the other hand, is sponge or cotton based. These filters have a longer life and a higher dirt retention rate.

Their size can at times be an indication of quality. As a matter of fact, the paper region may be shorter in filters with lower quality.

In addition, there are no roughnesses at the cutting points of the filters made of paper. The reason is that the parts go directly to the engine. Air filters must be resistant to burning. Any stone or gravel from the road can trigger the fire. Quality air filters will be the right choice at this point.

Situations where Repair is Required

There may be cases where the air filter cabinet requires repair. There are some reasons for this situation. If you encounter one of the problems listed below, it would be beneficial to take your vehicle to an authorized service center.

Air Filter Cabinet Fracture

There are generally two reasons for the brokenness in the cabin. First of all, impacts from the front of the vehicle may cause this. The second one may have occurred with the fault of the technician during the repair of the vehicle or the cabin maintenance. A broken cabin cannot do its job of cleaning the air.,

Air Filter Cabinet Displacement

The air filter cabinet has system parts. For example, the pipes in the system serve to deliver the cleaned air to the engine. The parts are fixed with suitable mounting equipment close to the engine. From time to time, the air filter cabinets can move.

There may be many reasons for this. For example; lack of clip screws, loose clamps or a frontal impact to the vehicle.

Clogged Air Filter Symptoms

As with every problem with the vehicle, if the air filter is clogged, some symptoms occur. A careful car owner can notice these symptoms and take the necessary action. The most common symptoms can be summarized as:

High Fuel Consumption in Vehicle

In order for the engine to be activated, air and fuel must be mixed. A good airflow at this point is a better performance indicator.

However, if the air filter has started to become clogged, the air reaching the engine will decrease. Therefore, performance decreases and fuel consumption increases due to the burning of raw fuel.

Also, this is not the only problem, it also causes soot build-up in the engine. Since the vehicle will have a higher emission value, its damage to the environment will also increase.

Filter Appearing Black and Dirty

In general, it is easy to reach the air filters of the vehicles. It is usually located next to the engine with a plastic snap.

It is also noticeable in a hose running from the filter to the engine. If you have trouble locating it, you can get help from your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

After removing the housing, it can be seen visually that the filter is dirty. Here are a few points to note. Initially, its color appears gray or black. If there is too much residue on it, it is useful to replace it.

Spark Plugs Wear Faster

Because of the clogged filter, the vehicle uses raw fuel. That is, the fuel does not burn completely. This causes the spark plugs to wear out or change. Performance loss occurs in the vehicle.

Gasoline Smell in the Vehicle

Due to the clogged filter, the engine cannot be supplied with enough air. This occurs when raw fuel reaches the engine.

The carburetor delivers the unburned fuel through the exhaust system and removes it from the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. For this reason, the smell of gasoline appears when the vehicle is started.

Changes in Engine Sound

If there is an unusual sound when the vehicle’s gas pedal is pressed, this is also a harbinger of filter change. The reason for this situation is that the engine does not receive the filtered air in a healthy way.

Can Drivers Do Air Filter Maintenance?

So, can car owners do air filter maintenance? Drivers who have sufficient knowledge and equipment in this field can perform air filter maintenance by following the relevant steps.

But it would be healthier for authorized services to do it.

The reason for this is that vehicle owners may not have enough equipment during this change.

Air Filter Maintenance

The tricks of pre-cleaning care and the specific cleaning condition should be known. In this way, air filter maintenance can be achieved. You can perform air filter maintenance by following the steps below.

  • First, wet the surface with a cleaning spray and wait for the dirty surface to loosen.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse with as little chalky and cold water as possible. Then the dirt will start to flow.
  • The trick during rinsing is to keep the water from the clean area towards the dirty area while pouring water into the filter. In this way, clean places do not get dirty.
  • Then leave the filter to dry under natural conditions for a long time. Here it is important to dry well because air filters that do not dry well can be damaged.
  • Finally, use a lubricating spray until all parts of the filter are oil-coloured.

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