Explain the Aero Wiper


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Explain the Aero Wiper

In wet, snowy or muddy conditions, we rely heavily on our windscreen wipers to maintain visibility. When our windscreen wipers break or malfunction, it is pointless to discuss how to drive safely. The wipers’ speed is as crucial as its speed. So, explain the aero wiper.

Speed Wiper

Volkswagen’s new aero wipers claim to maintain the same level of wipe quality over the whole speed spectrum. These wipers also stand out since they produce significantly less noise than traditional ones. The improved cw value and lighter structure of these wipers compared to standard wipers also aid in the reduction of CO2 emissions. We can all agree that something needs to be done about carbon pollution.

Some of the designs of aero wipers are particularly unique. The wiper arm, to begin with, is exceptionally rigid in terms of twisting. This wiper system calls for supplementary framework and provides more downforce for the blade.

Aero wipers prevent the “flicker” problem that plagues traditional wipers thanks to their innovative design. The wiper blade’s durability also means it can last longer between changes. As a result, fewer repairs will need to be made.

The Ultimate Weather and Speed Machine

The specifications for Action Aero wipers include meeting all needs in both dry weather and the highest speed range. Let’s recap the specs of these windscreen wipers:

  1. The high speeds do not affect its dependability.
  2. Its aerodynamic construction ensures clear sightlines in any weather.
  3. A uniquely constructed tension strip ensures flawless wiping performance at all glass surfaces.
  4. It’s bundled with the genuine OEM adaptor for your car.
  5. Setup is simple and quick.
  6. Superb wet-wiping performance: The aerodynamically optimised shape and high-tech tension strip ensure superior wiping performance across the entire glass surface.
  7. Reduced current attack surface means less noise from the wind.
  8. The metal frame and joints of the wiper no longer freeze solid, allowing for better winter adaption.
  9. With the original adapter already attached on the wiper, replacing it is a breeze.
  10. Spoiler for improved airflow integration
  11. Increased longevity
  12. Normal use because of constant rubbing
  13. Especially impervious to dust and pests.

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