What is ABS Sensor – How to Identify the Failure


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What is ABS Sensor

This piece will tell you about the ABS sensor and give you information about it. In our piece, you can find all the information you need to know about the ABS sensor.

Every year, car companies get better at putting together different systems and parts in their cars. The ABS sensor is a piece of gear that makes sure each car works right and gives the driver a chance to drive safely.

What is ABS Sensor

When you look at the ABS sensor’s history, you can see that it is quite old. The ABS sensor was first made in 1936, and it was made so that cars could have better brakes.

In general, the ABS in a car is used to make it easier to stop a car and give the driver more control on the road. This way, if something happens while the cars are on the road and you have to stop quickly, the vehicle won’t skid and you’ll be able to stop in a controlled way.

By measuring and cleaning the ABS sensor, you can make sure that this part of your car’s system always works well.

To understand how the ABS system works, you need to know how it does what it does. In particular, knowing how things work will help you understand why ABS sensor reading is important.

How Does the ABS Sensor Work

When the way the ABS sensor works is looked at, it is clear that it is made up of two different types.

Active Type

An active type ABS sensor needs energy from somewhere else. The Hall type sensor and the Magneto resistance sensor are these energy sources.

When Hall type sensors are used, the ABS sensor responds to changes in the magnetic fields and sends a wave signal to the motor control unit that shows the difference in voltage. It doesn’t have to turn when it’s using non-contact recognition.

Even at slow speeds, this monitor makes the system work well. It uses a magneto resistive sensor, which is the most modern structure for an ABS sensor.

Passive Type

In passive type devices, gear wheels are needed. Because its structure is more sensitive, it works well on a system that is already in place.

Depending on how sensitive the sensor is, it may fail over time. When the wheels hit a certain speed, they start to move. Since they don’t have reverse working conditions, they can’t do things like figure out the way of movement.

The set of gear wheels is in the wheel hub. So, when the wheel turns, it changes the magnetic field. This changes the voltage in the coil, which can be used to measure it.

ABS Sensor Parts

Each instrument has parts that are unique to it. These parts are the ones that decide how the whole thing works. At this point, you should look at the parts to clean and measure the ABS sensor. These are the parts:

  • Speed Sensor
  • valves
  • Pump
  • Control System

How to Measure ABS Sensor

For each technological system, there is a different way to measure. When we look at how the ABS sensor is recorded, we can’t say for sure what the system is. To test the ABS sensor, you need a certain kind of tester.

The test gadget needs to be hooked up to the car, and the ABS system needs to be turned on. After the system is running, the way of sending a signal from the vehicle to the test device is sent to the test device.

To measure the ABS sensor, you need to know how to use the test tool and how to read the waves coming in.

For ABS sensor reading, it would be best to get help from a pro. Because of this, an auto shop can teach you how to measure the ABS sensor in your car if you want to.

This testing process should be done quickly, especially if you think there is a problem with your ABS system. Over time, fault signs may get worse and cause you more trouble.

If the ABS monitor fails, the car won’t be able to be driven as well.

How to Identify ABS Sensor Failure

Every piece of equipment inside or outside the car can break down over time, based on how it is used or because of other problems. At this point, the problem needs to be fixed or, if that’s not possible, changed. One of the important problems is when the ABS monitor goes out.

Dust, dirt, and other things on the brake pad could cause the ABS sensor to stop working.

To keep the sensor from breaking down, it needs to be cleaned regularly by following the rules. It will keep you from failing and give you a high level of success.

There are signs of an ABS sensor problem, just like there are signs of any other problem. When thinking about how to understand ABS speed sensor failure in general, learning the signs will be very helpful. These are the signs:

  • On the vehicle’s dashboard, the danger lights for ABS, ESP, or the brake system are on.
  • Increasing the distance needed to stop
  • In the event of a problem, the ECM notices that the car is slipping, so it can start pumping as soon as the stop is pressed.
  • When the brakes are used, the car moves to the side.
  • Stopping the cruise control
  • Slipping vehicle on wet or slippery ground

When asked how to figure out why the ABS speed sensor isn’t working, situations like these are given as a straight answer. A broken ABS sensor will also make driving very hard, and it could even make things worse. Because of this, if you notice signs of trouble, you should call a car service right away.

ABS Sensor Prices

Each company makes its own unique method based on the brand, model, and spare part of the vehicle. At this time, prices in the sector may be different. In general, it is not possible to give a clear price for an ABS monitor. If you want to buy an ABS sensor, you need to do study based on your car’s make and model.

ABS Sensor Repair

If the ABS sensor in your car stops working, your car’s own brake system will start to work. But because the ABS monitor isn’t working, your car will skid more.

Depending on the problem, you may need to fix the brain for ABS sensor repair or fix the sensors that work in ABS. If these flaws can’t be fixed, they need to be changed.

Depending on the service you got at the auto shop, you will be told if the ABS sensor malfunction will require a repair.

You should hire a pro to help you fix your ABS monitor. To figure out what went wrong, the car must first be hooked up to a computer and tested.

If the ABS computer can be fixed after the test and any necessary checks, it is fixed by taking the necessary steps. If the ABS monitor stops working, a new part is put in its place.

At this point, it’s very important that the car service you use is a skilled one. The auto services that are in our system are where you can get the best services for your car.

ABS Sensor Cleaning

The ABS sensor is one of the parts of a car that needs to be cleaned and taken care of, just like everything else.

Because of this, you should clean the ABS sensor often. This cleaning process will both make your car run better and keep it from breaking down for a long time.

The ABS sensor is at the bottom of the axle ball, which is under the brake piston on both the front and back wheels. The steps needed to clean an ABS sensor are;

  • First, the car’s wheel nuts should be tightened just a bit.
  • The car is raised with the help of a lift or a jack.
  • The wheel is taken off and the ABS sensor wire is checked to see if it is broken, crushed, or worn down.
  • The ABS sensor is taken off the wheel by unscrewing the screw in it.
  • With the help of a special spray liquid, the ABS sensor and the part of the hub where the sensor is attached are cleaned. It is very important to use these special liquids at this time.
  • The wheel is put back on the vehicle, and the ABS sensor is carefully put back where it belongs.

In general, this process is very important for the car because it helps keep it healthy. Because of this, it is very important that you clean and maintain your ABS sensor on a daily basis.

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